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About The Clinic

Kaikōura Traditional Acupuncture, now Acupuncture Kaikōura began in 2010. Brendan and Pie envisioned a clinic that embraced the traditional aspects of Chinese Medicine alongside the evolutionary process of the human spirit. We are a family clinic and understand the need for functional wholistic medicine. This means medicine that keeps you healthy and sustained. You can guarantee there will be homework. 

We treat children, teenagers and the elderly. 

The Patient-Practitioner Confidentiality is of utmost importance. 

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for all sessions. 

We work closely with the practitioners here in our awesome local town.

Patients begin to recognise "health" and "well-being". You don't have to have an ache or an illness to book in. Sometimes you just need a clearing-a reset. 

Whether it is a pulled back, broken bone or even a broken heart. There are treatments that are designed for the physical as well as the emotional. 

Please click on Services for a brief explanation of some of our techniques and protocols.

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Our Philosophy

To Educate

To Inspire

To Heal

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