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What to expect in a Treatment

Initial Consultation
& Treatment 

When you come into our clinic you are greeted with care and a glass of lemon water. Brendan and Pie will have you fill out the paperwork of your name, address and medical information.  There is also a consent form to sign informing you of our acupuncture practice principles and permission to treat you. We first ask you questions about your health, your body, and of course your concerns for coming in.

We then take your pulses which is a diagnostic tool for acupuncturists to give us information about your well-being, strengths and weaknesses of your energetic system. We may also ask you to stick your tongue out as we can see the balance of your internal system just by how your tongue looks.


With information gathered we devise a treatment strategy and protocol.


All needles in our clinic are sterile, single use, stainless steel and disposed of in a biohazard box.  

Clearing Treatments

There are ancient treatment protocols within Oriental Medicine. Protocols as old as Acupuncture itself. Clearing treatments stem from the theory that the body has experienced shock. Great stress can alter the free flow of movement within you that can inhibit your sense of fulfilment, your path, your raison d'être (reason for being). A car accident, the loss of a loved one, a toxic relationship can cloud the system. Just like a plumber clears the household pipes an acupuncturist can clear the flow of blocked meridians. You can see life better, life can see you better. 

Supportive Treatment for Tissue/Muscle & Bone Injuries

Bodily injuries happen all the time. A sprained ankle, a broken bone, herniated discs, arthritic joints, the aches of ageing, adventure racing and the likes. Acupuncture supports the body to aid in circulation and reduces inflammation. By promoting blood flow and nourishing the joints and tissue through carefully selected acupuncture points and meridian therapy we can help you in your healing. 

Well-Being Treatment

Health is your innate knowledge and responsibility of taking care of your self - your body. Feeling at your optimum and striving for balance. We do have patients whom over time realise once their injury or concern has cleared that maybe coming in regularly for a WOF (Warrant of Fitness) supports who they are. Just like clearing treatments sometimes you may get a sense that you need a re-set. There are times we can feel stress creeping up on ourselves and just as there are protocols for the physical there are protocols for the emotional/spiritual. 

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