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Bridging The Gap
Workshop September 9 & 10, 2023
in Kaikōura
What will be covered: 


September 9th, 2023, SATURDAY


Organ/Emotions Theory: 5Element review, consciousness, shadow, enlightenment. 

Meridian Theory: flow/blocks


Clearing Shock

Needling Protocols 


September 10th, 2023, SUNDAY


Body Language/Presentation

Pulse taking and recognising shock on the pulse.

Administering Treatment Protocols


September 12th at 12pm-1pm (NZ Time) TUESDAY

Lonny S. Jarrett LIVE Q&A Zoom Session

(Please log-in 10 minutes prior to scheduled session)



We are all working through growth and witnessing different levels within ourselves as well as those we see in Clinic. Shock/Trauma is a position in one’s life that freezes an individual in a state of development preventing one from moving closer to source. Moving towards heart – to their wholeness. This workshop will allow you to move with grace through different transitions of our patients in Clinic. Opening the flow of meridians, resolving resignation, lifting the veil for the clarity of being. Shock & Trauma manifest in many forms albeit physical/emotional and spiritual. This workshop will add another lens and tools to your repertoire as a Clinician. 


Please join me for a weekend in beautiful Kaikōura for learning and diving into the quantum abilities of our Medicine.


Space is limited to 12 practitioners of Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine. 


Location: SIMES CAFÉ (upstairs conference room)

Address: 33 Beach Road (the old Hislops café)

Cost: $225 (includes morning tea: freshly made scones/muffins) 

Dates: September 9th and 10th 2023

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm 


September 12, 2023 at 12pm

The Follow-Up Q &A with Lonny Jarrett will be held over Zoom. Please block out that time within your clinics 



Acupuncture New Zealand CPD approved.

Chinese Medicine Council NZ CPD approval has been applied for.

Certificate of Completion upon finishing this course for your CPD file. 

Feedback form with reflection of what has stood out for you. 



Integrated Pulse Diagnosis Workshop

When Pie met Lonny Jarrett in 2000 the author of Nourishing Destiny and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, she was completely taken back by his ability to use the Pulse System with such precision and accuracy for diagnosis.


Upon graduating from a TCM Acupuncture

School, The New York College of Health Professions, Pie knew she wanted to continue her education with post-graduate studies with him. Over the next 6 years the learning of this pulse alongside 5 Element and Constitutional Diagnosis grew to be a passion for Pie. 

The Pulse Diagnosis is The Hammer-Shen System which we will cover the introduction, organ placement and practical placement of your fingers.

This is a very detailed down to the minute sensation-styled system. Pie will be teaching this system in length at different locations within New Zealand. 

Dates to be Announced for 2023




Pie has had over 20+ years of experience within the field of Acupuncture.

Having been a professor for The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine and sitting on the Masters Panel for The New Zealand Qualifications Authority to review and accredit the first Masters of Acupuncture Program for New Zealand, she offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support colleagues whom may need an extra set of eyes and theory for cases within clinic. 

Mentorship involves a synopsis of the case you are working on. This includes your clinic notes and diagnosis with no mention of patient's name. Case Study 1 etc. Pie will review them and set up a video or phone conference call to discuss.


This time is also recognised as continuing education for Acupuncture New Zealand. 

Case Study Mentorship

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