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Kaikōura Earthquake 2016

Brendan and Pie of Acupuncture Kaikōura have a strong connection to their local community. Just after midnight on November 14, 2016 the earth shook, rattled and rolled. The full moon night showed the dust pluming out of the Kaikōura mountain ranges. Little did we know it was 21+ faults rupturing like a string of firecrackers. The dawn seemed eons away as everyone anxiously awaited to check in on loved ones, their homes, their families. It was clear as a bell to Pie and Brendan that a free community clinic would be set up. We first had to check on our home and have it marked as safe. As soon as the army gave us our sticker doors were open to all.

The front of our home just had a renovation and we were about to stone the front face. We had just enough black board paint to create our sign. Megan of Wild Flower Botanicals in town made our sign and our wee dot Lelly was admiring it, in this photo.

It is blessing to be of service.

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