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Acupuncture Kaikōura

To the Root of the Spirit


Meet Brendan and Piedad (Pie)

Our Specialisations

Our clinic embraces your western medical diagnosis and we begin to tailor a treatment through the theory and protocols of Chinese Medicine. Some of the most common conditions that we see are as follows:

Balance of Well-Being

Women’s Health

Digestion Disorders

Stress & Tension


Auto-immune disorders


What Patients Say

Pie is an absolute godsend! I was the victim of a serious car accident leading to countless treatments and surgery. I'd had lots of advice to go and see her - kicking myself I didnt do it sooner!! I have big goals but I was still dealing with a lot of injury, and the stress surrounding that. I couldnt quite get the formula right to progress. She goes above and beyond to make sure I'm right and I cannot express my gratitude and the relief in finding a professional so invested in my wellbeing.

Eva Seres - Mother, Coach, Ultra Runner, Adventure Racer and Whatever Else I Put My Mind To


"As it is not proper to try to cure the eyes without the head, nor the head without the body, so neither is it proper to cure the body without the soul and this is the reason why so many diseases escape the physicians who are ignorant of the whole."

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